Photo Shoot for The Bridal Garden

We had planned to do this photo shoot for The Bridal Garden for over a month. We decided upon Golden Gardens as the perfect spot for a beachy casual photo shoot. Of course, the weather report wasn’t good.  In fact, a huge storm was moving in. It was absolutely  pouring the night before. I decided to called the city to see what we could do about securing the Bath House to do some of our shoot. We were able to use the space and as the weather broke, we ran outside a few times to do some beach shots. Not exactly what we had planned, but we made the best of it. Thank you to Bella Umbrella for the use of their fabulous umbrella’s for our shoot.  Our dogs were champs too! Last but not least, in the middle of our shoot a team from Kiro TV happened to be driving by. We ended up on a spot news piece because of the crazy weather. To see me in action check out the news clip. We are in the last half of the piece. Here is how to view it.


One response to “Photo Shoot for The Bridal Garden

  1. great bridal shots – I especially like the ones out in the wind and the one of Olie pulling the model off her feet!

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